Worth The Wait

***Please note that my web site has moved to the following link: www.ajkahn.com

Back in the spring of 2006, I came across some brilliant work by talented model Miss Anya.

 Originally from Russia and now living in California, she had  put together an amazing portfolio.  Her creativity and natural abilities were clear in every image she produced.

We started corresponding through a modeling/photography web site and discussed perhaps working together one day.  Being that we were over two thousand miles apart, it seemed more like wishful thinking than reality.

About a year later however, Anya moved to Chicago to attend art school.  A quick flight to Detroit was an easier proposition, and soon after, we finally arranged a project.

  I was thrilled to have this opportunity, and I think we made the best of it!

 Although it took over a year to make it happen,  working with Miss Anya was well worth the wait.

 She is a true artist by all rights, and her ideas and contributions were invaluable to the project.

Anya has since moved back out west, but fortunately I had another opportunity to work with her once again in 2010.  Stay tuned for results from that project in the future!

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4 Responses to Worth The Wait

  1. Dave Rudin says:

    A wonderful series, A.J. I especially like number three.


  2. A. J. Kahn says:

    Thanks, Dave. I must give Anya praise for her beautiful posing abilities, which really made that a strong image.

  3. Kevin Ertell says:

    These are some of my favorite images of yours. Amazing stuff!

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