The Classic Figure Study

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Being a fine art  photographer, I always struggle between trying to create something unique and new verses paying homage to the classics.

I have a huge admiration for contemporary photographers who forge ahead with creative visions all their own.  At the same time, I  wish to emulate the styles of the old masters.

Legends such as Edward Weston, Ruth Bernhard , Horst P. Horst and others have influenced me tremendously.

I suppose that since my photography is produced utilizing today’s technology in the digital realm, it is a far cry from how the classics were made.  It is in the spirit of these old masters however, that I often find my creative energy.

This is particularly true when it comes to the figure study.

Exploring how light and shadow fall on the nude subject can bring almost endless possibilities, exposing textures and forms in such a way as to create a human landscape.

It is a very basic approach to art nude photography, but I find the results quite rewarding.

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4 Responses to The Classic Figure Study

  1. These are amazing. If you are a match for our online gallery(soon to be offline too), we would welcome a submission from you of these images and/or others. Really beautiful work. Let me know.

  2. StNeisha says:

    Wow. These are wonderful images of the human body. I’m glad someone appreciates the human body as mush as I do!

  3. Arjun. says:

    Thanks to one and all.

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