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Some of my favorite projects involve working with athletic models.  It’s fascinating to me to document,  in an artistic way, the human form in top physical condition.  For the model, to capture the results of their training and dedication can be quite rewarding as well.

I have worked with body builders, runners, dancers, gymnasts and the like with wonderful results.

When you have an opportunity to photograph a subject who is not only athletic, but also possesses natural beauty and abundant enthusiasm, the results can be magical.  That is the case with my recent project featuring Heidi, a wonderful model referred to me through a mutual friend.

As a runner and yoga enthusiast, Heidi has honed her physique into a lean and statuesque form.

Capturing classic figure studies was a given as part of our project, and I feel the results were quite successful.

I also wanted to challenge her with some emotive portraiture (something that can be difficult for new models),

and even a water set (which she took to in a spirited way!).

I really enjoyed our creative session, and feel there is more to accomplish in future collaborations.  I certainly look forward to our next project.


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4 Responses to Heidi

  1. Vince Wolff says:

    she is fantastic! what a figure, what poses. you got some great shots

  2. Vince Wolff says:

    thanks, I appreciate that. she does have a perfect athletic figure

  3. Anonymous says:

    te admiro por tu cinseridad y mostrarte ante el ser humano como lo que eres,por que la hermosura del interior es la belleza de lo exterior.claro en limitacion.beautiful me lady.

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