A. Marie

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Internationally published cover model A. Marie is a stunning example of classic beauty.

 I first noticed her work in a 2008 issue of the art magazine “Carrie Leigh’s NUDE-The Art Of Women”.  She graced the cover and had several pages dedicated to her work with accomplished photographer and publisher Carrie Leigh.

 While viewing her work, I was struck at how timeless her look was, ideal for what I like to create.

 When I learned that she had moved from New York back to her hometown in Michigan, I knew I had to contact her for a project.  A. Marie liked the concepts I had proposed, and she was happy to schedule a shoot.

With the help of talented hair and makeup artist Kelly Decoste, the project really came to life.  The results were amazing to me, just what I had envisioned!

A. Marie’s background as a classically trained dancer (15 years in ballet, jazz, tap and modern dance) was just another facet to our creative options.

I feel she brought so much to the shoot, beyond her beauty, that really made it a success.

A. Marie’s accomplishments as a print, runway and cover model are well noted, and for good reason.

It is her work as an artist’s model however, where I really feel inspired.

My hope is that perhaps one day, our visions will come together once again for another amazing project.


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4 Responses to A. Marie

  1. Vince Wolff says:

    she is beautiful. these are GREAT photos!

  2. A. J. Kahn says:

    Thanks so much, Vince. I really appreciate your feedback.

  3. Her’s is possibly the most beautiful face I have ever seen. Your images of her are stunning.

  4. Anonymous says:

    nice photo

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