Waiting For New Life

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On my commute to and from work, I drive past this sad little plot of land.
It can’t be any more than a couple of acres, but I always notice the abandoned structures just rotting away.
The structures seem to collapse a little more each day and become less recognizable as a once vibrant and useful property.
Soon, I imagine that nature will reclaim this land as it’s own.
I often wonder what this place was like during it’s prime.
Who owned this land, and how was it used? Why was it abandoned and what became of the owners?
Spring is just around the corner and soon this land will be overtaken by a field of tall grasses, flowers and wildlife. This atmosphere of renewal will be a welcome reflection of better things to come for this land.
Meanwhile, I wanted to spend some time capturing this land at perhaps it’s darkest hour. I’ve been meaning to do this for some time, thinking that some day I will not remember what it was like. As with the natural consequence of suburbia, I imagine there will be a gas station or convenience store there before I know it.
At least now my memories will not fade.

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3 Responses to Waiting For New Life

  1. Kevin Ertell says:

    These photos are absolutely beautiful, Anthony. As is your prose, for that matter. This was a great way to start my day!

  2. A. J. Kahn says:

    Thanks so much, Kevin. It’s interesting how locations like this often go unnoticed until one day you drive by and see a 7-Eleven in it’s place!

  3. Bill Ballard says:

    I’m envious of this spot! It seems a wonderful location to shoot nudes.

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