Beauty Standards Destroyed

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In my recent collaboration with two talented models Mischief Vixen and Danamarie Julianna, I had the rare opportunity to explore elegance and beauty far beyond that which is culturally standard.  The juxtaposition and contrast of two very different model types was not the main goal. Rather, our aim was to embrace humanity with passion, positivity and understanding.  Without regard to societal expectations, it is my hope that the viewer will appreciate the elements of beauty that we all possess as human beings.

_DSC1416 _DSC1418 _DSC1422 _DSC1430 _DSC1434 _DSC1440 _DSC1442 _DSC1611 _DSC1622 _DSC1641 _DSC1785 _DSC1788 _DSC1796 _DSC1800 _DSC1804 _DSC1805 _DSC1809 _DSC1810 _DSC1819 _DSC1911 _DSC1912 _DSC1916 _DSC1920 _DSC1942 _DSC2125


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